Source code for ardent.preprocessing.__init__

from .normalization import cast_to_typed_array
from .normalization import normalize_by_MAD
from .normalization import center_to_mean
from .normalization import pad

from .resampling import change_resolution_to
from .resampling import change_resolution_by

# TODO: update preprocessing_functions.
preprocessing_functions = [


Preprocessing Pipeline

import numpy as np

# TODO: incorporate arguments.
[docs]def preprocess(data:(np.ndarray, list), processes:list): """ Perform each preprocessing function in processes, in the order listed, on data if it is an array, or on each element in data if it is a list of arrays. Args: data (np.ndarray, list): The array or list of arrays to be preprocessed. processes (list): The list of strings, each corresponding to the name of a preprocessing function. Raises: TypeError: Raised if data is a list whose elements are not all of type np.ndarray. TypeError: Raised if data is neither a np.ndarray or a list of np.ndarrays. ValueError: Raised if processes cannot be cast to a np.ndarray with dtype str. ValueError: Raised if any element of processes is not a recognized preprocessing function. Returns: np.ndarray, list: A copy of data after having each function in processes applied. """ # Verify data. if isinstance(data, list): if not all(isinstance(datum, np.ndarray) for datum in data): raise TypeError(f"If data is a list, all elements must be np.ndarrays.\n" f"type(data[0]): {type(data[0])}.") elif isinstance(data, np.ndarray): data = [data] else: # data is neither a list nor a np.ndarray. raise TypeError(f"data must be a np.ndarray or a list of np.ndarrays.") # Validate processes. try: processes = np.array(processes, str) except ValueError: raise ValueError(f"processes could not be cast to a string-type np.ndarray.\n" f"processes: {processes}.") # Process each np.ndarray. # If data was passed in as a single np.ndarray, # then data is now a 1-element list containing that np.ndarray: [data]. for data_index, datum in enumerate(data): for process in processes: if process in preprocessing_functions: datum = eval(f"{process}(datum)") else: raise ValueError(f"Process {process} not recognized.\n" f"Recognized processes: {preprocessing_functions}.") data[data_index] = datum # Return in a form appropriate to what was passed in, # i.e. list in, list out, np.ndarray in, np.ndarray out. return data[0] if isinstance(data, list) and len(data) == 1 else data