Get the names of all registration presets.

Returns:The keys of the dictionary mapping all registration preset names to the corresponding registration parameters.
Return type:dict_keys
ardent.presets.registration_parameters.get_registration_preset(preset: str) → dict[source]

If <preset> is recognized, returns a dictionary containing the registration parameters corresponding to <preset>.

Parameters:preset (str) -- The name of a preset keyed to a particular dictionary of registration parameters.
Raises:NotImplementedError -- Raised if <preset> is not a recognized preset name.
Returns:The registration kwargs specified by <preset>.
Return type:dict



Call each of the listed preprocessing functions on <data> and return the result. Preprocessing functions:

  • cast_to_typed_array
  • pad
  • normalize_by_MAD
  • center_to_mean
Parameters:data (np.ndarray, list) -- An array to be preprocessed, or a list of arrays to be preprocessed.
Returns:The input array <data> after preprocessing, or each preprocessed array from the input list <data> if a list of arrays was provided.
Return type:np.ndarray, list